Collecting, inventing, iterating, curating and piloting teaching for refugee situations…

Teachers working with refugees need access to the best quality resources the field has to offer-- resources that are evidence-based and experience-tested in these highly specific cultural, political, and emotional situations. Displaced persons in transit and those resettling need meaningful, experiential, relevant teaching that is both useful and sensible for them, delivered with joy and respect. Too often, teachers in informal education do not have the resources to do the work they strive to do. Instead, they rely on Google searches or even their own memories of schooling to provide the best they can-- scattered lessons or activities with little potential to be as meaningful or as lasting as they would wish. By building collaboration between refugees, teachers, volunteers, NGO workers and education researchers, we can do better for our students. Together we can collect, iterate, revise, curate and re-pilot our teaching to share it widely, refining and building on each others’ insights and practices. Together, we can create a field guide for teaching in refugee centers across the Balkans.  (Photo by Mariam Semaan/ Videos by Films in Transit)

Co-Creation Events

Thessaloniki, Greece    May 20, 2017


   Sofia, Bulgaria         May 23, 2017


Chalkida, Greece            Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Athens, Greece            Thursday, September 14, 2017  

Mytilini, Greece             Saturday, September 16, 2017  

Belgrade, Serbia            Tuesday, September 19, 2017 

Harmanli, Bulgaria            Tuesday, October 10, 2017 


"Post-transition will be so hard that we need to make sure mid-transition is amazing.” – Co-creator in Athens, Greece

“Every interaction in and out of the classrooms is an opportunity for learning, especially if you do what you can to help people pursue their passions.” – Co-creator in Chalkida, Greece

“Overcoming these teaching challenges will help you gain their respect and gaining their respect is a huge element of being a successful teacher.” – Co-creator in Chalkida, Greece

“Need to create small victories, small accomplishments, small steps forward” - Co-creator, Lesvos, Greece

“EACH DAY has to be a fresh, new start, wipe away the lingering past—kid was late, deal with it, insist on fresh start—lesson being that fresh starts are possible” - Co-creator on Lesvos, Greece 

“PRAISE and respect and reinforcement for progress” - Co-creator in Belgrade, Greece

“Creating ownership of their outcome. Clothes are given to them, food is given to them, they are told where to sleep and what to eat - but what they create themselves, only they own - it was not given to them - as well as their own growth and learning.” - Co-creator on Lesvos, Greece