Teaming up local professional teachers with un(der) trained teachers of refugees…


Professional teachers are often unable to volunteer in refugee centers, much as they might wish to. Volunteer teachers, for their part, know they could improve their teaching if they had more training and experience. With that in mind, we launched a pilot program in March 2017 in which teachers from the Anglo-American School in Sofia were teamed up, for a 4-month cycle, with 12 volunteers leading classes in refugee centers via The Refugee Project (CVS Bulgaria/Caritas Sofia).  Together, with input from educators in the refugee community and from local education groups also working in the centers, the 12 teams worked their way through the challenges and helped build up the joys of teaching in this context.  We are preparing for our second launch in October. 







Contact us if you'd like to start a mentoring program in your area.  We can help you identify a local international school or a local NGO working with the refugee community and set up the mentoring program today!


"Participating in Team Up to Teach was a phenomenal experience. It was such an honor to be a thinking partner to two refugee education volunteers. Together we problem solved and planned learning experiences for students who are in crisis. For me, this was one small thing I could do to help. Especially when I am not able to directly volunteer due to work and family commitments. I highly recommend the experience!"  - Liz Haske, ES Instructional Coach, AAS

"Teaching refugees is a bit different than being a regular teacher, however this program helps you better understand the difference and also gives you ideas on how to improve as a teacher of refugees." - Volunteer Teacher, The RP

"This is a great program whereby people from across the world can help each other to help others who are in need of education and positive, nourishing experiences. Highly recommended and its value is well worth the effort." - Teacher, AAS

"Many great lessons were concocted over dinner between myself and my mentor, indeed my 'thinking partner', and I know my refugee students benefitted from fresh ideas in the class and an alternative approach, aiding them towards achieving their learning goals." - Volunteer Teacher, The RP

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