UNHCR reports that more than 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. We have seen government systems overwhelmed, people trapped in limbo, and their education completely disrupted, leaving them vulnerable to desperation and exploitation.


Seeing this human need, organizations all over the world have reached out, lending a hand however they can. However, human need of this kind, on this scale, is unprecedented and responses are either quickly executed and ad hoc or delayed due to political roadblocks.  In this landscape, organizations struggle to join forces with other stakeholders to build on each others’ work and knowledge.   Instead, educational programs are executed in silos, trying to create systems, methods and curriculum from scratch or from scarcely relevant available materials.  Team Up 2 Teach was born of this need for stronger collaboration in the field for education in emergencies. 


The goal of Team Up 2 Teach is to raise the quality of non-formal education offered to refugees in the Balkans and across the world, making the teaching more useful and more joyful for everyone.